Puntland State University 2015 commencement Ceremony

Puntland State University 2015 commencement Ceremony

Puntland State University Held Successful commencement On March 30, 2015 at Puntland State University’s main campus in Garowe0 which began at 8:00am local time.

IMG_3097The ceremony was attended by Puntland President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gas accompanied by Ministry of Education and Higher Education and senior Cabinet officials, Representatives from UN Agencies and International NGOs, Business People, Parents, University Deans, Lecturers and 105 undergraduates.

The master of ceremony called Sheikh Mohamed Omar Ahmed to open the ceremony with word of prayer.

Various speeches were made that pointed out to the importance of the knowledge,

Among the highlights of the ceremony was a speech by the Vice Chancellor of Puntland State University Mr Mohamud Hamid Mohamed, he gave a warm greeting to the crowd and congratulation for the graduates.The Vice Chancellor briefed the historical evolution of Puntland State University, also he mentioned that 70% of the graduates are already employed which shows their quality and quality of knowledge and skills they received, the vice Chancellor briefed the relationship that the university created with many international educational institutions in the world. And concluded his speech with many thanks to all invited that showed up for the wonderful graduation ceremony and best wishes to the graduates for their future endeavors.

Others who addressed the congregation were Sheikh Said Ahmed Farah (One of the Graduating male student), Laila Abdiaziz Mahamud (one of the female graduating Students), Mohamed Sh. Hassan (one of the Parents), Ahmed Isse on behalf of the secondary schools, Said Hassan Shire Amal bank Representative, Mr Abdullahi Isse ow Ahmed Nugal Region Governor, The Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Puntland Mr Ali Haji Warsame.

Thereafter, Puntland President Dr Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gas was invited to address the crowd including the graduates. The president gave congratulation to the graduates and encouraged them to continue their career, also the president thanks to PSU family as hall, finally the president awarded the student their Degree Certificate.

Also Awards were presented to PSU Faculty Deans, Commencement ceremony organizers and even Puntland President, Ministry of Education & Higher Education and the PSU Vice Chancellor.

After the colorful ceremony the graduands, family members and other participants had photo group with the president and concluded the crowd.

Puntland State University Commencement is the formal university-wide celebration at which mostly Puntland President officially confers degrees upon graduating students. The ceremony features a processional of graduates and faculty, remarks from the President, and a vibrant keynote speakers. University Commencement is an event not to be missed for students, families, and friends.

Congratulation to all PSU Alumni

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