World Health Day commamorated at PSU

World Health Day commamorated at PSU

GAROWE, 7 April 2015– The Public Health Students Association, KAALO NGO, and Garowe Local Government had jointly commemorated the World Health Day at the Puntland State University (PSU), with theme of “From farm to plate, make food safe”.

The commemoration ceremony focused on the threats posed by unsafe foods and the need for coordinated food supply chain. The Puntland State University students presented a research study on the food health at markets and food stalls in Garowe.

The study also highlighted the hazards of unhealthy food and encouraged preserving the food hygiene from the farm to the plate. Students recommended a possible intervention on the places and restaurants selling cooked and uncooked food in the market.

The Puntland State University (PSU) vice chancellor Mohamud Sh. Hamud appreciated the Public Health Student Association for their active role to promoting Public Health. He encouraged students to make such studies in the different localities in Garowe as well as large markets in Garoowe. Mr. Hamud promised he would personally help health students from publications, travel expenses and making further research studies in the other regions in Puntland.

The Puntland Health Minister Dr. Sadik Enow who spoke at the occasion warmly welcomed the hard work of PSU health students and encouraged them to take part public health promotions within the Puntland citizens. The minister said the only way that can be reduced the health hazards caused by unsafe food was to spread awareness campaign through the community. Sadik Enow requested Nugal and Garowe administrations to closely monitor the overall environmental health and the places where communities congregate..

Meanwhile Halima Abdikadir, Women Affairs and Village coordinator for Garoowe’s local government remarked people should take individual responsibility to raise awareness on food health.

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