PSU hosts the first advanced book fair and arts exhibition in Puntland

PSU hosts the first advanced book fair and arts exhibition in Puntland

Garowe 11 April 2015– The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Omar Abdirashid Ali “Sharmarke” and the Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali “Gaas” had jointly launched the first Somali Book fair and Cultural Exhibition at Puntland State University(PSU) promoting Somali language and Somali culture. More than 2000 books were displayed at the PSU conference hall with the presence of the Puntland and Federal Government delegations, PSU administration, intellectuals, students, and civil society Groups in Puntland.The book fair and arts exhibition was organized by Scansom Publishers and other publishing houses and educators who came from abroad.

Prime Minister Sharmarke and President Gaas along with several ministers from Somalia and Puntland roamed around the PSU conference hall were hundreds of books were displayed.
Prime Minister Sharmarke said the book fair would promote Somali culture and Somali language and requested people to take part sponsor their language.

The Puntland President Abdiweli Gaas stated that it was great moment for the people in Puntland and particularly in Garowe to host the first advanced book fair and he appreciated all educationalists, and companies involved in brining books and cultural artifact to Puntland.

The Vice Chancellor of the Puntland State University (PSU) Mohamud Sh. Hamud has expressed gratitude for Scansom Publishers for organizing such a beautiful event. Mr.Hamud added that the Puntland State University (PSU) had already organized a large cultural and art exhibitions which was inspiring the Somali culture. On behalf of PSU family around Puntland, Mr.Hamud urged that the culture of Somalia could be enhanced through sponsorship and holding such events.

The chairman of Scansom Publishers Mohamed Sh. Hassan thanked all participants at launching ceremony. Mr. Hassan said that Scansom was established in 1994 and they held their first book fair and arts exhibition in Somalia in their 20th anniversary. He urged people to take part promoting their culture. He also encouraged making the cultural policy, libraries and archives for Somali culture.

The book fair will continue in different institutes in Garowe for the coming week.

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