Puntland State University 2nd & 3rd Batch Graduation Ceremony

Puntland State University 2nd & 3rd Batch Graduation Ceremony

Thursday was a happy day for many, especially PSU grandaunts and PSU family as a whole. It was around 8:00 am in the morning when PSU graduation ceremony for Batch II and III kicked off. The ceremony started with happiness as it was witnessed from the smiling and lovely faces of many grandaunts and parents who were attending the ceremony.

The master of ceremony (mc) called for a sheikh to open the ceremony with word of prayer and the sheikh in turn took the floor and recited suratul-Fatiha hence opened the ceremony. There after, PSU president Mohamud Sheikh Hamid was invited to address the crowd including the grandaunts.

The president began his speech with a warm greeting to the crowd and congratulation for the graduates. The presidents mentioned something about the historical evolution of Puntlad State University and the challenges it faced since it foundation. He stressed one thing, and said “many people approached me and told me not to integrate the college into university, fearing that the initiative may fail”. To mention but few, the president also informed the attendants about the relationship that the university created with many international educational institutions such as Kampala International University, African Virtual University, Kenyatta University and U.S International University and among others.

The President of PSU also highlighted that, there are some students that graduated from PSU in the last graduation ceremony and happened to secure postgraduate scholarship from Kampala International University through Somali RAN umbrella which manages a scholarship fund that is given to a number of universities every year. The president concluded his speech with many thanks to all invited that showed up for the wonderful gradation ceremony and best wishes to the grandaunts for their future endeavors.

After the long and moving speech by PSU Presidents, some other renowned people in Puntland were invited to address the participants and among them were, Assistant minister of education, Assistant Minister of Women, Development and Family, State Minister for Good Governance Garowe Golis Telecommunication Director and nation-Link managing Director

A very wonderful drama on the importance of education and the quality education at Puntland State University was presented and made many people especially the grandaunts to enjoy and appreciate it.

The students who graduated in this second graduation ceremony were 63 in number; Thirty three (33) of these students were graduating with bachelors of Public Public administration while the remaining thirty students (30) graduated with bachelors of Business Administrations.

At long last, the students were awarded with their certificates by the Chief Guest of the ceremony, Ministry of labor, youth and Sports. The students who passed with excellent grades were awarded some presents by Golis and Nation link telecommunication companies. The awards were composed of mobile handsets, Sim cards and among others.

It was a round 12:30pm when the ceremony was concluded and adjourned.

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