The historic Garowe I & II Consultative Conferences held at Puntland State University

The historic Garowe I & II Consultative Conferences held at Puntland State University

The historic Garowe I & II Consultative Conferences held at Puntland State University in December, 15-17/02/2012 and February 23-26/12/2011 respectively. The meetings brought together the signatories of the transition roadmap, government leaders, international community representatives and members of the civil society. Among the signatories present were: H.E. Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, President of the Transitional Federal Government, Hon. Sharif Sheikh Hassan, the Speaker of Transitional Federal Parliament, H.E. Prof. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, Prime Minister of TFG, H.E. Dr. Abdirahman Sheikh Mohamed Mohamud Farole, President Puntland State of Somalia, H.E. Mohamed Ahmed Aalin, President of Galmudug, Khalif Abdulkadir Moalim, representatives of Ahlu Sunna wal Jamma’a.

Some of the factors why Puntland Government chose to conduct the conference at Puntland State University’s campus include the vast space, its strategic location and the availability of enough meeting halls and technical materials with advanced technology. All the above factors were important to the success of the conference. To start with, the vast space would be able to hold the big number of people attending the conference

The participants and Somali leaders appreciated the tireless efforts and honest assistance and support provided by the university staff in serving and hosting the fruitful meetings, which were named Garowe I & II Principles.

President of TFG H. E Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, the Speaker of TFG Parliament H. E. Sharif Hassan Sh. Adam,  the Prime Minister of TFG H.E. Prof. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, and President of Puntland government of Somalia H.E. Dr. Abdirahman Sheikh Mohamed Mohamud Farole gave special thanks to Puntland State University’s Staff and the students for their contribution towards the hosting of the important conferences.

PSU staffs, especially the management staff showed a tireless work in making sure that both Garowe 1 and Garowe 11 consultative conference ends successfully. Much appreciation goes to PSU president who has been optimistic about both conferences and has been always in the forefront in making PSU a world class University.

The successive Garowe 1 & II conferences ended successfully by reaching a political agreement on ending the transition roadmap and laying the foundation for a new constitutional order.

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