PSU Students Development Association(PSUSDA) election 2015/2016

PSU Students Development Association(PSUSDA) election 2015/2016

PSU Students Development Association(PSUSDA) election has been officially opened on scheduled time, Thursday afternoon November 05, 2015. Deans of all the Faculties, Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor of PSU, Puntland Minister of Education and Higher Education, State Minister of the Puntland Ministry of Health, Directot General of the Ministery of Information, and other Government Officials were present at the election.

PSU Garowe main Campus students have been voting to elect the students who will lead PSU Student Development Association (PSUSDA) over the next year.

After weeks of campaigning and candidate forums, students at Puntland State University Garowe Campus have elected Osman Abdullahi Ali who was one of 3 candidates as the ChairPerson of PSUSDA during 2015/2016 academic year.

It is PSU responsibility to facilitate these elections through the regulation of candidates, planning of events, and administration of voting platforms. PSU is incredibly proud of the amount of students that voted! and would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote and all the candidates who have spent time, speaking to students and encouraging them to get involved in their Union.

During Elections, eligible students put themselves forward for nomination and run as candidates, and student members’ vote for their preferred candidate to win.

The winning candidate form the chairperson of the Student Union Executive Committee, who are there to represent the views of students to the University and wider community, and ensure the Union operates according to its policies, procedures and strategy.

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