World Health Day 2016 commemorated at PSU

World Health Day 2016 commemorated at PSU

GAROWE, 7 April 2016– The Public Health Students Association, commemorated the World Health Day at the Puntland State University (PSU), with theme of “Beat diabetes”.

The commemoration ceremony focused on ways to halt the rise of diabetes worldwide. The Puntland State University students presented the “Key findings from WHO’s “Global report on diabetes” and Global commitments to reduce diabetes.

The Puntland State University (PSU) vice chancellor Mohamud Sh. Hamud appreciated the Public Health Student Association for their active role to promoting Public Health. He encouraged students to make such awareness presentation in the different locations in Garowe and also other districts in the country. Mr. Hamud promised he would personally support this awareness to spread the message.

Mr Abdullahi Ali Jama the Director of the Higher Education of the Puntland Ministry of Education and Higher Education appreciated this commemoration and thanked PSU specially Public Health Student and Officially Closed the ceremony.

Read WHO reports about diabetes

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