Puntland State University Held Successfully the 11th Convocation On August 01 2018 at Puntland State University’s main campus in Garowe.

The ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister of Somalia Hassan Ali Khaire, Puntland Vice President Abdihakim Abdullahi Omar Amey accompanied by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and senior Cabinet officials, Representatives from UN Agencies, International NGOs, Business People, Parents, University Deans, Lecturers and the Graduates.

Among the highlights of the ceremony was a speech by the Vice Chancellor of Puntland State University Mr Mohamud Hamid Mohamed, he gave a warm greeting to the crowd and congratulation for the graduates. The Vice Chancellor briefed the historical evolution of Puntland State University, also he mentioned that the most of the graduates are already employed which shows their quality and quality of knowledge and skills they received,

“Today you are independent in mind “come up with a critical thinking instead of accepting everything” said the Vice Chancellor Mahamud Hamid Mohamed

The vice Chancellor briefed the relationship that the university created with many international educational institutions in the world. And concluded his speech with many thanks to all invited that showed up for the wonderful graduation ceremony and best wishes to the graduates for their future endeavors.

Various speeches were made that pointed out to Congratulate and give words of encouragement to the Graduates among them the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Puntland and Puntland Vice President Mr. Abdihakim Abdullahi Omar Amey.

there after, The Prime Minister of Somalia Hassan Ali Khaire was invited to address the crowd including the graduates. The president gave congratulation to the graduates and encouraged them to continue their career,

“you are increasing the strength of the community Power and knowledge”, “The Stair you are crossing today is the first stair, but it was the most difficult, now you have a grown mature brain to go your next academic stairs easily”.

also the Prime minister thanked to PSU family as hall and finally officially awarded the degrees to the graduating students.

Puntland State University Graduation is the formal university-wide celebration at which mostly Puntland President officially confers degrees upon graduating students. The ceremony features a processional of graduates and faculty, remarks from the President, and a vibrant keynote speakers.

Puntland State University is congratulating to all of its alumni for their great achievements,

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