Puntland State University Partners in Transformative Higher Education Project

Puntland State University Partners in Transformative Higher Education Project

Garowe, Puntland – Puntland State University (PSU) is thrilled to announce its participation as a key partner in the groundbreaking “Inclusive, Impactful, and Integrated Higher Education in Eastern Africa” (3is) project. This initiative, part of the Erasmus Capacity Building in Higher Education program, aims to transform higher education in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya through collaboration with European partners.

Project Highlights

The 3is project, set to span 24 months, focuses on enhancing the capabilities of higher education institutions in remote and underdeveloped regions. The project’s main areas of impact include:

  • Internationalization: Enhancing global engagement and collaboration among African universities.
  • Inclusiveness: Promoting accessibility and support for students and staff from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Educational Innovation: Integrating innovative teaching practices to improve learning outcomes.
  • Community and Industry Engagement: Strengthening connections between universities, local communities, and industries.
  • Regional Integration: Facilitating cross-border cooperation, student and staff mobility, and mutual recognition of qualifications in Eastern Africa.

Initial Activities

The project has commenced with a series of capacity-building workshops and training sessions. These activities are designed to equip university staff and administrators with the skills needed to implement the project’s goals effectively. Topics covered include policy design, action planning, and best practices in higher education.

Collaboration and Impact

PSU is actively working with local communities, policymakers, and industry representatives to ensure the project’s success. This collaborative approach aims to develop solutions tailored to the unique socio-economic, cultural, and environmental contexts of each participating region.
By the project’s conclusion, it is expected that participating universities will have:

  • Improved their ability to provide high-quality, inclusive education.
  • Strengthened their international networks and partnerships.
  • Developed strong community and industry relationships.
  • Enhanced their capacity to engage in future educational development projects.

Community Engagement

PSU encourages all stakeholders, students, and community members to stay informed about the progress and achievements of the 3is project. Regular updates will be provided through the university’s website and social media channels.

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Together, let’s advance higher education in Eastern Africa for a brighter, more inclusive future!



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