The Faculty of health sciences took a step to academic life in October 2012 with department of public health. In addition to the existing department, later the faculty expanded its programs with two more new programs; pharmaceutical sciences department and nutrition and food science department.

The faculty aims to offer high quality innovative teaching and research at every scale. And well train individuals to contribute to the development of health sector of the country. And be a leading provider of education and research in health.

  1. Create platform to apply scientific reasoning and problem-solving skills
  2. To enhance our pioneer position in health education by improving ourselves, to shape our scientific activities according to the needs of our country and within the scope of global developments.
  3. Enhance and provide quality undergraduate programs.
  4. To equip students who will be able to think critically in their academic and working lives, valuing the ethical issues, responsible for the community, participative, thinking sophisticatedly, open to learning, researcher, productive, innovative, taking place in multidisciplinary works and thus trained as a professionalist.
  5. To produce, apply, spread knowledge about health in our country, train individuals who have advanced abilities and be an education and research institution at international level.
  6. To promote cooperation between the faculty and the community, to increase the living quality and health standards of the community and being responsible from the global values.