In response to the urgent need for law school in Puntland and in conjunction with the overall policy of the government of Puntland in strengthening the judiciary system, the Puntland State University (PSU) and the UNDP Access to Justice Program cooperated in establishing the first Faculty of Sharia and Law in Puntland on 1st October 2008. The curriculum of the Faculty was developed to meet the needs of Puntland Society. It includes: Customary law (XEER), Islamic law and Formal law. The Faculty provides good academic environment in which students can pursue comparative legal studies on Islamic law and contemporary laws. Faculty is a pioneer institution that stands to contribute state building and nation building through producing professionalize graduates.

  • To produce well qualified, dynamic and research oriented scholars¬†who have depth knowledge in both Shariah and modern laws.
  • To enable the graduates explore the original sources of knowledge through the study of Islamic Law and contemporary Laws from the original sources.
  • To prepare students for active participation of the task of building the notions through justice.
  • to fulfill the demands of the society through specialized scholars as Judges, prosecutors, Lawyers, Shariah and Experts.
  • To allow students to have comparative legal studies on Shariah and Law.
  • To take active role in the harmonization between Law and Shariah and to contribute in field of comparative legal education.