Brief Introduction:

The faculty of Social Sciences, herein abbreviated as FOSS, is a merger faculty combining three departments namely; the Department of Public Administration which its establishment backs in 2006, Department of Development Studies which opens its doors in 2010 and Department of Political Science and International Relations which is established on 2015.

The faculty of Social sciences will have a clear focus on social sciences disciplines. The faculty will offer both undergraduate and post graduate courses in the fields of Development Studies and Public Administration.  It runs Day and Evening Programs to meet the needs of its students.

  • To promote accessible, quality and relevant social science knowledge in the fields of public administration, development studies, political science and international relations
  • To Produce cadre professionals in administration and management of government apparatus, civil society organizations and public-private organizations.
  • To promote research and innovation knowledge and enabling its graduates to be cadre professionals and social contributors.
  • To Develop student’s skills and attitudes that will enable them to participate in solving the problems of their communities, countries and the world at large.