In this program, the students will have combined classrooms [Virtual and Traditional] and the lessons will be available online (digitalized) enabling the students to control their learning process including time, location and approach. According to cognitive theory (one of the two main learning theories), the students will also actively explore and interact with other international students; and can instantly receive constructive feedback from their lecturers.

Given that Somalia provides most technologically advanced and competitively priced telecommunications and internet services in Africa, the affordability and accessibility of technologies will make PSU virtual learning program an effective tool to increase the access and quality of education for the next generation.

Since the virtual classroom is accessible to anyone who has a computer, tablet and smartphone; it will improve the students’ learning achievement and therefore tackle absenteeism and dropouts of the students which is among the hugest learning challenges in Somalia. Puntland State University will integrate its teaching methodology with online based learning sessions. These innovative teaching approaches will positively improve the teaching and learning in higher education institutions in Puntland and Somalia at large.

  1. Reach students when at Home and Work
  2. Flexible learning ways
  3. Learner centredness
  4. A team approach
  1. Lectures
  2. Homework
  3. Discussions
  4. Readings
  5. Assignments

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