Brief Historical Background of Puntland State University

Puntland State University (PSU) is a leading institution of higher learning centrally situated in Garowe, the capital city of Puntland State of Somalia. The institution was founded in 1999 as Garowe School of Management and named Puntland Community College in 2001. In 2004 presidential decrees No. 156 and No. 60 transformed the college into Public state university, and named Puntland State University and has since expanded rapidly to its present status as a leading institution for the provision of higher education in Somalia.

PSU’s prime objective is to be able to contribute to the socioeconomic development in Somalia through the provision and dissemination of relevant educational programmes. The university realizes the need for relevant education and training programmes that meet the developmental aspirations of the community and consistently works towards availing them. PSU was top ranked university in Somalia in 2013 and 2014.

The vision of PSU is to be a University of global excellence in Training, Research and Innovation for Development.

The mission of PSU is to offer accessible quality training, research and innovation in order to produce leaders in the fields of Education, Engineering, Technology, Enterprise Development, Law, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Mass Communication and Journalism to suit the needs of a dynamic world.

To provide programs of instruction at all levels in the arts, sciences, technical, professional, educational, and philosophical fields, and shall concern itself with “pure” and “applied” research in all branches of knowledge for the intellectual and professional growth of faculty members, for the advance instruction of students, and for increasing knowledge and understanding.”

Core values constitute the fundamental beliefs that drive the University. These beliefs shall be upheld because they define expected standards of behaviour and culture. The values guide the University to achieve the transformation of human conduct in governance and management practices. In this regard, PSU shall be guided by ten (10) core values as set out in below;

Value Description
Quality Ensure adoption and adherence to systems and processes that guarantee provision of products and services that meet and exceed customers’ expectation.
Collegiality Ensure commitment to community driven research that provides tangible solutions to the country’s social and economic needs.
Teamwork Inculcate and practice a participatory approach in the conduct of all activities and operations of the University.
Professionalism Ensure and maintain high standards in the discharge of responsibilities and delivery of services.
Innovation Adapt and utilize latest and appropriate technology, and practice in achieving efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.
Dynamism Demonstrate initiative and responsiveness to changing trends in service provision.
Transparency Uphold openness in all activities and provision of services.
Accountability Demonstrate and take responsibility in all decisions and actions.
Integrity Uphold honesty and strong moral principles in all decisions and actions.
Patriotism Demonstrate a sense of devotion and personal identification with the University
  • To improve policy and corporate governance for enhancing accountability and decision making.
  • To expand the University’s resource base through diversification of revenue streams.
  • To improve access, quality, relevance and equality in undergraduate and graduate education.
  • To enhance the level and effectiveness of national and international collaboration between PSU and industry, development partners, institutions of higher learning, governments and professional bodies.
  • To attract, develop, motivate and retain efficient staff of the highest caliber and make PSU an employer of choice.
  • To improve financial sustainability through effective and efficient financial and procurement systems.
  • To provide adequate facilities and services and manage them effectively and responsibly for the benefit of stakeholders.
  • To institutionalize appropriate internal and external ICT network and connectivity.
  • Undertaking value-adding research and innovation for supporting Education, Engineering, Technology, Enterprise Development, Law, Sciences, Mass Communication and Journalism
  • To contribute to the commercialization of industrialization and socio-economic development through extension services and transfer of appropriate technologies.
  • To improve university community collaboration and contribute effectively to socio-economic development through active participation in CSR activities.