The program intends and primarily designed to provide the student with a solid and well-rounded education in government and public organizations.  It prepares the graduates for professional leadership roles in policy development, planning, and administration in public, human services, and non-profit sectors.

The competency that the graduates acquires is based on the foundation laid by the core curriculum, which covers relevant and quality education in the field of governments settings including administration issue, comparative politics, and public policy, as well as management of non-governmental agencies. The program aims equip the necessary knowledge and skills to uplift the ability of the student to analyze the problem situations and make an appropriate decisions suitable to the surrounding circumstances.

All applicants for undergraduate admission must submit legitimate high school/secondary school completion certificates, 2 passport size photos and Birth Certificate to the PSU Admissions Office, in addition, qualified applicants must also pass the PSU entrance examination to gain admission to the university programmes.

To Apply this Program:


Call: +252 90 7795668 or +252 90 7725579